Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal

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Additional information on Silicon Metal

ABSCO Limited is a leading supplier of high purity silicon metal from 99.0% - 99.9999% pure. The silicon metal can be supplied as silicon chunks or silicon powder in specific mesh ranges to meet individual customer requirements. Silicon is technically a metalloid due to its intermediate metal and non metal characteristics. It is a grey metallic material which is very hard and brittle. The main grade categories of silicon metal are: Chemical, Metallurgical and High Purity. The Chemical silicon grade is used for the production of silicone compounds. These compounds are the raw material for many industrial and consumer products including rubber, adhesives, lubricants and cosmetics. Metallurgical silicon grade is an additive for the production of non ferrous alloys, particularly aluminium-silicon. The silicon metal enhances the alloy performance in applications for the aerospace, automotive and construction industries. High Purity silicon is used in the production of silicon wafers used as photovoltaic and electronic semiconductors. The fastest growing market for silicon is in high purity grades for the solar industry. ABSCO Limited supplies High Purity silicon produced via the Upgraded Metallurgical-Grade silicon process, UMG-Si. This is a lower cost alternative to the traditional silicon refining process and produces material up to 6N purity. ABSCO supplies high purity silicon for thick and thin film coatings, silicon wafer production, advanced ceramics and high purity alloy additions.

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