Boron Carbide

Boron Carbide

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Additional information on Boron Carbide

Boron carbide is a black crystalline compound, one of the hardest known materials and is the hardest material produced in tonnage quantities. Production of boron carbide is by a carbothermal reduction of boron oxide (B2O3), by reacting boron oxide with carbon in an electric arc furnace or by gas reactions to produce coatings directly. With its combination of high strength, chemical inertness, low density and hardness, boron carbide has many applications including, as a powder: an abrasive medium for grinding, lapping and polishing applications (ABSCO Limited supplies boron carbide to international FEPA macro and micro grit sizes or to customer specifications); metal matrix composites (ABSCO Limited supplies boron carbide classified down to submicron sizes); non oxide ceramics (ABSCO Limited supplies boron carbide to customer defined specifications for boride production); fabrication (ABSCO Limited supplies boron carbide powder as feedstock for the production of nuclear rods, pellets and shielding components, wear resistant components, particularly nozzles for abrasive cutting or blasting, and ballistic armour - vehicle and body). It is also available as hot pressed and sintered components, with density >2.48g/cm3, for: vehicle or body armour (ABSCO Limited supplies boron carbide in the form of hexagons or squares with thicknesses up to 25mm or to individual customer specifications); nuclear components (ABSCO Limited supplies boron carbide to individual customer drawings. Components can be further machined or ground); wear resistant and blasting nozzles (ABSCO Limited supplies a range of standard boron carbide nozzles or nozzles produced to individual customer drawings.

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